May is Speech and Hearing Awareness Month!

May is a special month for many reasons, but for those who work as speech-language pathologists or audiologists it has even more meaning because we celebrate our professions and take the opportunity to showcase how much impact they have on the people we serve. This newsletter provides a small sample of the many different areas in which our clinicians and researchers are active. Victoria Sherman, one of our RSI/SLP PhD students, will tell you about what motivated her to choose a career in research on paediatric swallowing problems following stroke after she completed a clinical degree in our program. Regina Jokel describes a project in which she and her colleagues developed an interactive website for the self-management of word-finding problems. Furthermore, Monika Molnar previews her talk on May 30 about the importance of research on children who grow up in a multi-lingual environment and how this knowledge can help clinicians working with this population. Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology are exciting fields of practice and research. Our professions have much to offer to support people who suffer from the consequences of communication, hearing and swallowing disorders. For those of you who are SLPs, I hope this edition of our newsletter will make you realize once more why you chose to be in this profession and that it will motivate you to advocate our profession whenever possible to support your clients, current and future colleagues! For all of you who read this newsletter, I hope you enjoy the short stories and as always, if you have comments or questions, or a story you would like us to share, please let us know!

Pascal van Lieshout, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair