Trauma, Attachment & Communication Development: How Speech-Language Pathology fits into Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

Presenter: Anna Rupert, MHSc, MSc, Reg CASLPO.


BIO: Anna is a speech-language pathologist and University of Toronto graduate with over 10 years of experience supporting the communication development of children. Currently, Anna is the Program Manager for the Early Abilities preschool speech and language program at the George Hull Centre for Children & Families in Toronto, Canada. In addition to her training and work in speech-language pathology, Anna is a researcher and healthcare consultant. She holds a Masters degree in International Health Policy from the London School of Economics with a focus on making the economic case for the inclusion of rehabilitation services within health systems. She is currently conducting research with the Institute of Childhood Trauma and Attachment at the George Hull Centre in early childhood trauma, attachment and speech-language pathology

SUMMARY: It is widely known that early childhood trauma can significantly impact child development and life-long health. Among the various impacts that have been demonstrated, research shows a strong negative association between trauma and the development of communication. Despite this body of research and the reality that speech-language pathology (SLP) practitioners are frequently working with children they know to have experienced trauma early in life, many SLP practitioners report a number of training and practice needs in order to confidently and effectively incorporate developmental trauma into their practice. By looking more closely at how communication development relates to trauma and the attachment relationship between a child and their caregiver(s), the role of the SLP practitioner and how communication development fits into infant and early childhood mental health becomes much clearer. When we know where we are, it helps us move forward!

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