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The UofTSLP Intercom was revamped in 2019. Our new format includes student stories, and fun items of interest for the UofT SLP and AUD Community. Although still in the format of a departmental Newsletter we try to keep it short and breezy.  Let us know how we are doing at

Current Issue – Community Collaborations

Volume 19, Issue 1 – July 2023

Past Newsletter Issues

Together:  April 2021
Community Collaborations: June/July 2020
Partnerships that Make a Difference: December 2019
Speech and Hearing: May 2019
The Brain Issue: March 2019

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UofTSLP Progress

2019 Annual Report

Annual Report from 2018. This linked image will open a PDF document.






Temerity Medicine Archives

“We Sing That They Shall Speak”: Ontario Barbershoppers’ Enduring Impact on U of T Speech-Language Pathology, By Deanna Cheng, Temerty Faculty of Medicine