Study Space, Classroom Use and Room Bookings

PBL Study Rooms

Students are encouraged to use SLP case study rooms on the second floor for quiet study when they are not booked for other purposes. Included are Rooms 222, 224, 238, 240, 251 & 255.

Although these rooms are primarily for SLP use, sometimes these rooms are booked by other departments or outside visitors for teaching purposes. This also applies to classrooms on the fourth floor.

Room Availability

Please note that ALL SLP PBL study rooms, room 414 and both classrooms on the fourth floor are regularly reserved by clinical education faculty for “Teaching Clinics”.

Teaching clinics occur on Weeks 3, 5, 7 (Typically on Fridays) in Units 7 Jan-Feb, Unit 3, Mar-Apr and Unit 9 May-June.

Room Bookings and Complaints

When a room is booked a room booking sheet is posted outside of the room.  If any problems arise over the use of a space for study (i.e. people in the space who aren’t authorized), please report this to Antonietta Morra.

In the event that an SLP student event is organized and students need to book a space at 500 University contact Antonietta Morra.