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The University of Toronto Department of Speech-Language Pathology Alumni Association endeavours to improve quality of life for students in the Speech-Language Pathology program at the University of Toronto. Please read on to learn more about what we do.

Events Sponsored by the Alumni Association

Awards Sponsored by the Alumni Association

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Events Sponsored by the Alumni Association

J. F. Walker Lecture Series

This lecture is sponsored by the Alumni Executive on behalf of Jean F. Walker, Professor Emeritus at University of Toronto. The topic for this lecture is chosen to reflect a general area of interest to all Speech-Language Pathologists, and is open to all interested professionals practicing in the area of communication disorders. As a biennial event, the next J.F. Walker Lecture is planned for 2025!




Alumni Welcome Breakfast

This event is hosted by the Alumni Executive and Year 2 students for Year 1 students, early in the Fall term. The Alumni Welcome Breakfast is an opportunity for mingling between students and Alumni. This event helps students feel welcome during the busy first month in the M.H. Sc. Program, and aims to establish contact between students and Alumni early on in students’ academic careers at University of Toronto.

Graduation Reception

A Graduation Reception is hosted in November, immediately prior to fall convocation for the current year’s Graduates of the M.H.Sc. Program. All Graduates and their Convocation guests are invited to this event. The Department Chair and Alumni President address Graduates and guests. The Sandra M. Henderson Award (for excellence in clinical placements) and an academic award (for the student with the highest academic standing in the M.H.Sc. Program) are presented at this event. The Harmonize for Speech Fund Barbershoppers have also been known to make an appearance! Following the Graduation Reception, Graduates make their way Knox College to pick-up gowns for the convocation ceremony.

2020 Graduation Video 

Information Social

This event is hosted in every spring for Year 2 students, in order to help prepare them to enter the working world. Samples of cover letters and resumes are provided for students. Mock interviews are also conducted by Alumni members with student volunteers, providing a forum for discussing strategies for responding to typical job interview questions. Current job openings and job search strategies are also discussed.

Awards Sponsored by the Alumni Association

Distinguished Service Award

In an effort to recognize University of Toronto Department of Speech-Language Pathology alumni who have made outstanding contributions to the fields of communication disorders and swallowing, the Alumni Association selects one recipient annually who excels in at least two of the following areas of achievement:


– Exceptional contribution to research, teaching, and/or student training

Clinical Services

– Viewed by colleagues as a mentor or resource due to professional and clinical expertise
– Implementation or involvement in innovative programs for the benefit of clients

Promotion of the Profession

– Volunteer involvement with the college and/or professional associations
– Professional representation on committees and/or health-related boards
– Involvement in innovative speech-language pathology program development (e.g., in hospital, school board, preschool centre, rehabilitation centres, private practice, etc.)
– Promotion of speech-language pathology to health professional, community groups, clients, students etc.

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Distinguished Service Award Winners

Congratulations to Simone Fischbach who was awarded the 2023 Distinguished Service Award at the Department of Speech-Language Pathology Award Ceremony.

Past Distinguished Service Award Recipients:
2022 – Rupal Patel
2021 – Ian Roth
2020 – Ruth Martin
2019 – Aravind Namasivayam
2018 – J.B Orange
2017 – Deryk Beal
2016 – Regina Jokel
2015 – Kim Bradley
2014 – Judy Seligman-Wine
2013 – Frances Ezerzer,
2012 – Nancy Thomas-Stonell
2011 – Janice Greenberg
2010 – Catriona Steele
2009 – Robert Kroll
2008 – Barbara Meissner Fishbein
2007 – Penny Parnes
2006 – Mary Soucie,
2005 – Marlene Stein,
2004  -Fern Sussman

Student Awards

Margaret Stoicheff Bursary

The Margaret Stoicheff Bursary is presented to a University of Toronto Department of Speech-Language Pathology student in the final year of the clinical Master of Health Science program who demonstrates significant financial need to help offset the expense of completing the program.

Paula Square Travel Award

The Paula Square Travel Award is bestowed upon a University of Toronto Department of Speech-Language Pathology doctoral student who has had research accepted for presentation at a conference and requires travel expenditure to attend.

Margaret Stoicheff Spirit Award

The recipient is an individual in Year II of the Clinical program. Members of the Year II class vote for the person they feel has been most influential in boosting class spirit throughout the program.

Alumni Newsletter



The latest edition of Look Who’s Talking S-LP Alumni Newsletter has been redesigned and developed as a responsive, fully accessible webpage!

In this issue

  • Neurodiversity Affirming Practice
  • Classes
    • Year 1 Report
    • Year 2 Report
    • Jerome in the Sound
  • Research Corner
    • Dr. Karla Washington
    • Dr. Tina Simic
    • Emily Wood
  • DSA Winner: Dr. Rupal Patel
  • Private Practice
    • Tali Kellerstein, Founder of The Speak Boutique
    • Jordan Barberio, Independent Contractor
  • EDI
  • J.F. Walker Lecture

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About Us

Co-Presidents: Faiza Ali and Michelle Simons
Faculty Liaison: Lynn Ellwood
Secretary: Francesca Granata
Newsletter Editors: Faiza Ali & Vanessa Panes
Treasurer: Stefanie Haws
Research Stream Representative: Sana Smaoui
Year 2 Class Representatives: Jenna Bang & Riveea Satkunaratnam
Year 1 Class Representatives: TBD
Alumni Welcome Breakfast: Brianna Kuchurean & Kristen Wong
Distinguished Service Award Representative: Francesca Granata
Faculty of Medicine Alumni Council Representative: Stefanie Haws
Webmaster: Francesca Granata

Alumni Association Committees and Members

Graduation Reception Committee

The Graduation Reception Committee is responsible for the organization of the yearly graduation reception for graduates from the M.H.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. programs. Preparation includes booking a venue, creating programs, selecting food and refreshments, and collecting awards and certificates. On the day of the graduation reception, members from this committee and other alumni association executive members help run this event according to the outlined program.

Grad Reception Committee: Faiza Ali, Andrea Guran

InfoSocial Committee

The InfoSocial Committee is responsible for organizing and running the yearly infoSocial where alumni provide coaching on interview skills and give feedback on resumes and cover letters. This event is held each spring and is for the current second year students in the in M.H.Sc. program. The committee members prepare for this event by ordering food and refreshments, booking the venue, and preparing a handout for the students and alumni.

InfoSocial Committee: Madison Erb & Clarice MacGillivray

Newsletter Committee

The newsletter committee is responsible for producing the SLP alumni association’s yearly newsletter, Look Who’s Talking. The committee members support the newsletter editor with selecting and writing articles, as well as coordinating the printing and delivery of the newsletter.

Newsletter Committee: Faiza Ali & Vanessa Panes

J.F. Walker Committee

The J.F. Walker Committee is responsible for organizing and running the bi-annual Jean F. Walker lecture. Responsibilities include booking a venue, selecting and communicating with speakers, ordering food and refreshments, creating conference folders, and printing certificates of completion for attendees.

JF Walker Committee: Pauly Brar, Andrea Guran, Michelle Simmons & Carly Yermus

Spring Reunion Committee

The Spring Reunion Committee is responsible for planning, coordinating, and hosting the Alumni Association’s annual Spring Reunion (held in May).

Spring Reunion Committee: Michelle Simmons

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for communication with our alumni at large through our website, e-mail, and Facebook.

Communications Committee: Francesca Granata

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee: Faiza Ali, Kirsten Muller, Trish Watts

Contact Information

The Alumni Association welcomes new members. If interested, please contact to learn how you can get involved.


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