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The application website will open annually in January to receive applications for INITIAL appointments. The deadline to submit your INITIAL application is in February.

Note: As of 2023 academic year, Status-Only appointments at the rank of Lecturer are being phased out and only initial Adjunct Lecturer appointment applications are being offered and accepted (see below for further details). Therefore, candidates who had planned to apply for a Status-Only appointment should apply for an Adjunct Lecturer appointment.

We invite you to apply for your INITIAL appointment using the link below. The review and approval process will take approximately three months from the application deadline date.

Offering Initial Adjunct Lecturer Appointments Only

Initial Status-Only, Lecturer appointments will no longer be offered to ease the administrative burden for prospective faculty and administration while still being able to offer the same academic appointment terms and access to U of T resources and perquisites (see Rehab Sector Guidelines for Adjunct Lecturer Academic Appointments 2023 2024 for details). With this change, the following items will no longer be required:

  • reference letters for initial appointment applications;
  • employer’s confirmation of support for the academic appointment and
  • re-appointments between Status-Only/Adjunct due to change of employers

Appointment Criteria

The academic goals of the Rehabilitation Sciences Sector cannot be met without the participation of talented individuals from many institutions and agencies outside of the university.  The aim of Adjunct appointments is to recognize the participation of highly qualified and dedicated researchers, practitioners and members of the community in the academic and clinical education components of the programs. These appointees augment the efforts and expertise of the full-time departmental faculty. We are seeking appointees who:

  • maintain a high level of expertise and competence in their disciplines;
  • are skilled at communicating expertise to members of their respective disciplines and the broader health care community;
  • can stimulate, challenge and develop the scholarly and clinical capacity of students and
  • contribute to the growth of the discipline by building the body of knowledge or advancing the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of practice.

Initial Application Process

If you are interested in applying for an Adjunct Lecturer appointment, please visit our website, (Current Status-Only, Lecturers and Adjunct Lecturers who may be due for renewal do not use this link; see below for further details).

Please note, late applications will not be considered.

Current Status-Only and Adjuncts: Instructions for Maintaining/Renewing Appointments

As this notice may be shared with colleagues who currently hold a Status-Only or Adjunct Lecturer appointment, please be aware that an email notification will be sent directly to those individuals in January requesting that they complete their ANNUAL ACTIVITY REPORTS for annual review and RE-APPOINTMENT.  The email will contain a unique link to the activity report form and will request completion and submission of the annual activity report by the deadline, in February, to maintain and to renew the academic appointment.


Should you have any questions regarding the initial application process, please refer to the Rehab Sector Guidelines for Adjunct Lecturer Academic Appointments 2023 2024 or contact Annmarie Riley at or the applicable email address listed below:

Physical Therapy, email:

Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, email:

Speech-Language Pathology, email:

Thank you (on behalf of the RAC)

Rehabilitation Appointments Committee (RAC)

Rehabilitation Sciences Sector Appointments Committee