Aphasia Awareness Week is June 5 – 12

Aphasia Awareness Week June 5 – 12
The first week of June is Aphasia Awareness Week. The Aphasia Institute defines Aphasia as “a language problem that masks inherent competence and that has its most dramatic impact on conversational interaction (talking and understanding) as well as on the ability to read and write. Aphasia is most often the result of stroke, and so the fact that Aphasia Awareness Week occurs in Stroke Awareness Month makes sense.

Education partner to the department, Executive Director and S-LP with The Aphasia Institute, Aura Kagan, has championed for Aphasia Awareness Week to be recognized in Canada. With the support of MP Rob Oliphant the week was officially acknowledged in the House of Commons on June 9th, by way of a statement calling for the support of its commemoration.