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March 2013

Reflection is a key component in lifelong learning – come and learn about its value and how you can use it in your practice, clinical education and classrooms!

Univ Louisville PRDr. Hedy Wald will use a combination of didactic and interactive learning to explore the concept of fostering reflection in health professions education and practice. Frameworks for enhancing the educational value of interactive reflective writing and assessing students’ level within reflective writing pedagogy will be presented, applied to students’ narratives, and discussed. The development of a reflective practitioner with reflection promoting personal, professional and interprofessional development as well as lifelong learning will be explored.

 Join us for this continuing education opportunity Practical Wisdom and Beyond: Fostering Reflection in Health Professions Education and Practice on March 4 from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm.

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