Speech Production Lab

The Speech Production Lab (SPL) at the University of Toronto is dedicated to the study of normal and disordered aspects of speech motor control and to innovation in the assessment and rehabilitation of individuals with neurologic and neurodegenerative disorders affecting speech.

Research areas

speech motor control, neurodegeneration, speech rehabilitation, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson’s disease (PD), stroke, dysarthria, apraxia of speech (AOS).

Target populations

Adults with speech disorders as a result of neurodegenerative diseases (including ALS, Parkinson’s disease, stroke)

Prospective students

We provide opportunities for graduate education, internships, and volunteer experience. If you are interested in volunteering for our lab please email the lab manager Madhura Kulkarni. For research internship and research assistant opportunities please check:

  •  U of T Work Study Program
  •  D+H Sunnybrook Summer Student Research Program
  • Hurvitz Brain Sciences Program
  •  Co-op programs at your university

Interested in participating in research?

There are always several studies ongoing at SPL and our other labs that need research participants. If you wish to participate, please contact Dr. Yana Yunusova

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Contact us

Rehabilitation Sciences Building
Department of Speech-Language Pathology
500 University Avenue (Note: for mail use 160-500 University Avenue)
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1V7
E-mail: yana.yunusovaATutoronto.ca
Phone: (416)-946-8637