Voice and Resonance Laboratory

Lab Director
Tim Bressmann, PhD


Our research

Current NSERC-funded research in the Voice and Resonance Lab focuses on oral-nasal balance in the speech of people with cleft palate. Another focus of our research is on ultrasound imaging of tongue movement of speakers with articulation disorders. We are particularly interested in speech disorders associated with cleft palate or tongue cancer.

Click here for a list of current journal papers. 



Available instrumentation

  • Kay Pentax Nasometer 6450
  • NasalView System
  • Glottal Enterprises Nasalance System
  • Glottal Enterprises pneumotachograph
  • Interson USB ultrasound scanner
  • General Electrics ultrasound scanner
  • Multitrack recording equipment
  • Acoustic analysis (Praat, KayPentax MultiSpeech)
  • Vacuum-forming equipment
  • 3D printing


Interested in participating in research in the lab?

Would you like to join the lab as a research student, would you like to visit or volunteer in the lab, or are you interested in participating in one of our experiments? Please send an e-mail to Tim Bressmann