Voice and Resonance Laboratory


Lab Director
Tim Bressmann, PhD
Tim Bressmann is an Associate Professor in the Department of Speech-Language Pathology. He teaches the courses SLP 1525 Structurally Related Speech Disorders and SLP 1530 Voice Disorders.  Current research in the Voice and Resonance Lab focuses on ultrasound imaging of tongue movement of speakers with articulation disorders. We are particularly interested in speech disorders associated with cleft palate or tongue cancer. Another focus of research is on oral-nasal balance in the speech of people with cleft palate.

Post Doctoral Fellow
Larissa Berti, PhD
Dr. Larissa Berti is a professor of Fonoaudiologia at the UNESP Marilia in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has joined the Voice and Resonance Lab with a postdoctoral fellowship granted by the Brazilian research foundation FAPESP. Her research focuses on ultrasound imaging of articulation and phonological disorders in Brazilian Portuguese.

Doctoral Student
Gillian de Boer, MA, MSc
Gillian de Boer is a PhD student who conducts research on the assessment of oral-nasal balance disorders, such as hypernasal speech. She uses both nasometry and acoustic analysis to develop predictive algorithms for the diagnosis of oral-nasal balance disorders.


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