Lynn Ellwood, BSc(CD), MHSc. Reg. CASLPO, SLP(C)

University of Toronto

Lynn joined the Graduate Department of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Toronto in August of 2003 in response to the department’s need for additional resources to address clinical education with expanding enrollment.

Professional Interests:
Lynn’s primary area of interest clinically is adult neurogenic rehabilitation.  She has experience in a wide range of settings, from acute care to community-based, and in both public and private sectors.  She has mentored students and clinical peers.

Lynn’s clinical titles have included Senior Speech-Language Pathologist and Clinical Practice Leader.  She was a Senior Case Manager (Brain Injury Specialty) within a private practice firm.

As a member of a panel of experts, Lynn helped to develop professional practice guidelines for cognitive communication disorders for CASLPO.

Lynn jointly spearheaded the development of “The Communicators”, a support group for individuals with aphasia and their family members in the Niagara Region, and a similar group for laryngectomees.  As well, she facilitated the development of a multi-disciplinary intervention program for voice disorders at an out-patient rehabilitation facility.

Clinical practice in a broad range of settings guides Lynn’s teaching of clinical principles.  She brings personal and clinical experience with people from varied cultural and professional backgrounds.

In addition to her clinical experience, Lynn holds a Teacher Training Certificate from the Faculty of Medicine, Continuing Education, at the University of Toronto. She presents to local, national and international audiences on topics relating to clinical education.

Lynn’s teaching innovations and research interests include the use of videoconferencing to enable students in distance placements to participate in small group peer-assisted reflective learning activities, key success factors for clinical placement planning and best practices for partnerships in international clinical placements.