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Opportunities for Continued Learning

UofT SLP Clinical Education Workshops and Site Visits

We know that finding the time to come to the University to attend clinical education workshops can be challenging for busy clinicians. So let us come to you! We are happy to join your annual placement planning meeting or any  group meeting throughout the year to share information about topics of interest in clinical education.

Some workshops we have provided in the past include;

  • General Introduction to Clinical Education at the University of Toronto
  • Q & A Sessions for New and Experienced Clinical Educators
  • Paired and Group Learning Models
  • How Student Placements Can Enhance Service Delivery
  • Development of Placement Models To Fit Your Caseload and Site-Specific Issues
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies for Successful Clinical Placements
  • New Site Coordinator Orientation

If your group would like to meet with us, or your site is interested in hosting a workshop for SLPs in your region,  or if you have an idea for a topic you are interested pursuing further, please contact Kristina Smith at slp.clinicalaffairs@utoronto.ca

The Centre for Faculty Development (CFD)

The Centre for Faculty Development offers free workshops through the Centre, for those faculty with status-only appointments (see below for more information) and include varied topics on teaching and supervision  such as dealing with conflict, strategies for effective feedback and clinical reasoning.

All U of T clinical faculty can attend the workshops however please note those without status appointments will be placed on a wait-list and will be required to pay for the workshop.


Teaching Clinics – Introduction to Clinical Placement Teaching

In each 8 or 10 week placement, students attend the university for three full days of learning designed to  support the development of clinical reasoning and self-assessment skills pertaining to their placement experience.

For the morning sessions, groups of students are assigned to a facilitator (SLPs from our clinical community).  The students each present a clinical scenario for group discussion (preferably a video recording of themselves  in clinical practice) and prepare learning  questions focused on clinical skills applied or needing development.  They will consider and discuss confirming and developmental aspects of the experience with their peers and the facilitator.

New SLPs are encouraged to participate in Teaching Clinics as facilitators as an introduction to  clinical education before taking a student for a full time clinical placement.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the Chapter Ten: Teaching Clinics a Vehicle for Growth to learn more about becoming a facilitator please contact Kristina Smith at slp.clinicalaffairs@utoronto.ca

Additional Resources for Clinical Educators

Status – Only and Adjunct Appointments

Clinical Educators and Site Coordinators who contribute to our program by providing clinical placements, or by facilitating teaching clinics can apply for appointment with the University. An appointment with the University gives clinical faculty access to additional resources and learning activities. For more information see how to apply

Leadership Rehab Rounds

50 min lunchtime presentations combining the UofT Rehab Sector – Rehab Rounds and SLPs Research Colloquia.  An opportunity for Students, Postdoctoral Researchers, Faculty and Invited Experts to Share Research and Foster Collaborations.
Leadership Rehab Rounds.

Contact rehab.sector@utoronto.ca for more information.

JF Walker Lecture – SLP Alumni Association

This biennial lecture is sponsored by the Alumni Executive on behalf of Jean F. Walker, Professor Emeritus at University of Toronto. The topic for this lecture is chosen to reflect a general area of interest to all Speech-Language Pathologists, and is open to all interested professionals practicing in the area of communication disorders.

See the alumni section of the website at (https://slp.utoronto.ca/alumni/alumni-association/) for more information and to find out when the next event is to be scheduled.