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Other Clinical Teaching Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in Clinical Teaching!

Below is a sign-up form for a variety of labs, case studies and other clinical small group clinical teaching opportunities.  We are so grateful for the ongoing contributions of SLPs to the education of our students.  By completing this survey, you will be indicating your interest in participating in one or more clinical teaching activities.  The appropriate staff or faculty person will follow up with you to make specific arrangements.

We look forward to having our clinical faculty involved in any of the following ways:

  • small group facilitation of Teaching Clinics
  • tutorials and case discussions of real and simulated clinical cases and/or
  • development of virtual simulation activities/cases

As you complete the form below, please keep in mind that we are looking for a clear picture of what you are willing and able to offer (only choose the number of dates that your schedule/ workload will allow).

Additional Clinical Teaching Opportunities Sign Up

  • *Please include your specific area of practice.
  • Let us know here if there is a placement site affiliated with this offer that you would like to include.

  • Academic Course Opportunities

  • 1) Principles of Clinical Practice (PCP), Year 1:

    We are looking for volunteers to virtually facilitate small group discussions on the following dates/topics. Please select if you are able to attend:

  • 2) Unit 1 Integrated Learning Experience (ILE),Year 1

    The ILE is a case based Learning opportunity for students and will be delivered in an online format across 2 days (October 25-26) this year. SLP facilitators are required to guide students' discussions in small groups and provide feedback on students' presentations.

  • 3) Advanced Principles of Clinical Practice (APCP), Year 2: Counselling Live or Virtual Simulation Experience

    A small group session where students practice counselling skills, ideally with a client or family member that the SLP facilitator brings to the two-hour session (1 – 3 p.m. on a Monday or Thursday in April 2022). Students reflect on their performance and the client/family member, other students and SLP facilitator also provide feedback.

  • I would like to be a facilitator in the Counselling Live or Virtual Simulation Experience in April 2022, I am...

  • Clinical Course Opportunities

  • Teaching Clinics Facilitators 2022

    Clinical educators are needed to be facilitators in small group sessions. *Typically, the same group meets for all sessions within a given course. Students will present clinical cases from their placement to gain insight into clinical questions and receive developmental and confirming feedback from peers. SLP facilitators guide the discussion to develop clinical reasoning skills.

    *Though not a requirement we aim to have the same facilitator for all dates within that unit to ensure continuity across the Teaching Clinics.

  • Students are in SLP1508 - Advanced Clinical Laboratory in Speech-Language Pathology. This is a second year course.

  • Students are in SLP1500 Initial Internship. This is a first year course.

  • Students are in SLP1500 Initial Internship. This is a first year course, however they are further along in their academic work at this stage.

  • Students are in SLP2500 Advanced Internship. This is their final placement.

  • SLP 1507 Clinical Laboratory Facilitator

    We are seeking SLP facilitators for the following simulated case based activities. SLP facilitators will be provided with access to all relevant the simulated case materials, including a facilitator guide.

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  • Working Group Volunteer

  • Simulation for Clinical Teaching:

    We are looking for volunteers to participate in a small working group to develop simulation materials in all areas of practice to enrich clinical training for our students.