Research Subject Opportunities

Oral Dynamics Lab

Did your child have difficulties learning to ride a bicycle, tie shoelaces, or print? OR Are you curious how your child would perform on assessments of motor and speech performance?

We are currently conducting a study exploring speech production and activity participation in children with and without motor difficulties.

Participants are asked to complete several vocalization activities while attached to motion sensors; they will also answer some questions about what type of activities they do.

A comprehensive assessment is completed by trained student occupational therapists and will include the following:

  • Motor abilities
  • Activity participation
  • Speech production characteristics

2 sessions will be scheduled (can be combined)

  • 1st session – ~1-1.5 hours at your home or the University of Toronto
  • 2nd session – ~1 hour at the University of Toronto

We are looking for boys, 9 – 12 years of age, with and without motor difficulties .

For more information or to participate in this study, please contact the ODL lab manager
by phone 416-946-8552