Alumni Events

As Unit 8 comes to an end and second year students start preparing for their last clinical placement, anticipation builds as students start planning their move from the classroom into the professional world. To support students in navigating this transition, the SLP Alumni Association created one of its signature events – the Info Social. This annual spring event connects second year students with a group of SLP alumni volunteers. The event was initially created to help with interview preparation and based on student input, has expanded to include many other tasks that students face as they enter the work force. This includes: beginning the job search, writing the SAC exam, preparing for mentorship, networking with community clinicians, and transitioning from supervised to independent practice. This event continues to receive praise, not only for its delicious catered lunch, but because it provides students with dedicated time to tackle their uncertainties with a group of supportive clinicians who have shared their same experience. It is never difficult to recruit alumni volunteers as there is nothing more satisfying than helping a group of eager and talented future clinicians.