Supplemental Placements

Placement Description

A 3-Day Supplemental Placement in Hearing Disorders/Voice/Fluency/Articulation-Phonology/Other:

A Supplemental Placement is a placement of short duration, usually no more than the equivalent of 3 days, in which a student engages primarily in shared clinical practice (not self-directed) in one of the above disorder areas. These placements may be required to assist students to obtain needed clinical hours in a particular area such as hearing disorders or fluency. Generally speaking, Supplemental Placements occur during placement units and very rarely in academic units. Typically, a student is withdrawn from the assigned full-time placement and attends an additional site for the Supplemental Placement. Every effort is made to assign Supplemental Placements prior to the start of the full- time placement.


Due to the short length of the placement, the student will provide and prepare the Supplemental Placement Assessment Form (linked below). This assessment will not be included in the overall course grade.  It is intended to provide feedback to inform the university about student performance.  If concerns arise from this assessment, the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE) who is the instructor for the course will be in contact with the Clinical Educator (CE) and the student to review it.

Clinical Hours

Students will ask that a Summary of Clinical Practice Hours form be signed by the CE.

Placement Experience Expectations

Supplemental Placements focus on students gaining experience in the area of specialization of the placement setting through shared clinical practice activities.

The focus of the Audiology supplemental placement experience will be the completion of the Course Capstone Minimum Expectations for SLP 1532H – Clinical Laboratory in Hearing Disorders (see link below) and completion of the majority of required clinical hours in hearing disorders, i.e., close to 20 direct client contact hours  (client-related hours can also be accrued).

Assessment Forms

Assessment Form: Supplemental Placement Assessment Form 
Proof of Hours Completion (hardcopy version): Example SAC Summary of Clinical Practice Hours
Hearing Disorder Course Outline: A1.5 SLP1532H Clinical Laboratory in Hearing-Disorder

Department of Speech-Language PathologySupplemental Placement Offers

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